Dragon ball z power levels

dragon ball z power levels

TrunksGoku-Base SSj Trunks-Base SSj Vegeta-Base Piccolo-Full Power. Thanks to Duo for this page, here is where you can find pretty accurate power levels for most of the main characters throughout the Dragonball Z series. Image(Un)official Power Levels for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, from Kanzenshuu. Using official multipliers of course. (slotcasinogamesonline.review).

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When Goku said it would be an 'easy victory' if he and Vegeta fused, he was talking about Super Boo, and he did not say that he would need to fuse and go SSJ. I am saying that it isn't surprising to me that Portara Fusion is stronger, but not 8x stronger than, Meatamorese Fusion Fusion Dance. It's been stated that Gohan in the Buu Saga was the strongest non-fused character in the series. But once Cell realized that Trunks meant business Cell amped up and as we know Trunks lost speed for power. I can tell you where you didn't use those multipliers correctly: Ok smart guy, show me where my inaccuracy is. dragon ball z power levels


Power Levels (Dragonball Z All Sagas)

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